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Thanks to the partnership with the city of Milan, Non Riservato has two working spaces: the headquarters (via Marsala 8) and the operational unit (Gallab) in the Gallaratese district (via Appenini 161).

The headquarters are in a nice building, shared with other organisations, that all operate in Milan. The headquarter has a strategic location: it’s a former school in downtown, it has an amazing view of the church of Santa Maria Incoronata and of the new skyline of Porta Nuova, a few steps from Corso Como, Brera and via Sarpi - a junction of the past, the present, the future and culture: all this well represents the spirit of Non Riservato.
In this building Non Riservato has 2 offices, 1 meeting room and a gym.
The 2 offices are the operating base of the team, where new partners and supporters are all welcome. The headquarters are a place where NR keeps memories of old projects and where it develops new steps for future projects.
In line with the philosophy of NR, the offices are used as co-working spaces and are being shared with Focus and Shareradio.
The meeting room and the gym are available to the founder membersnormal members and the supporters of NR.

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*Gallab consists of a production workshop laboratory and joineryin the Gallaratese district of Milan. It’s a place where people can meet and exchange their knowledge, a place that is open to everyone and where “who seeks shall find”: help, tools, explanations and sociality. It’s a place of aggregation, of social motivation and it’s a point of reference for adults and children of the district. Gallab is back, thanks to the result of the call for bids of urban crowdfunding of the City of Milan.

Gallab opening hours
Thursday: 9AM – 5 PM
Saturday: 9AM – 5PM

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